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Guy Levy

by Brian Rinaldi

Guy Levy is a web developer from Israel who has great passion for music and JavaScript/HTML5. In his current job at Tracx as a front-end engineer he uses both client-side…

Pavlo Pidlypenskyi

by Brian Rinaldi

Pavlo Pidlypenskyi is an avid HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript advocate, and geek about all things web development. He is especially interested in mobile web development and UX design. Follow Pavlo…

Christopher Caleb

by Brian Rinaldi

…web and mobile projects covering technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, Objective-C, and the Flash platform. In his spare time Christopher blogs and is also the author of Flash iOS Apps Cookbook….

Joe Zimmerman

by Brian Rinaldi

Joe Zimmerman has been doing web development ever since he found an HTML book on his dad’s shelf when he was 12. Since then, JavaScript has grown in popularity and…

Gavin Lazar Suntop

by Brian Rinaldi

Gavin Lazar Suntop resides in Seattle where he spends a lot of time focused on JavaScript, interaction design and technological art. His involvement with the web began in the 90s…

Two Useful Sass Features and Their Limitations

by Krasimir Tsonev

…} Once you discover this feature, you may immediately start thinking about super cool mixins which generate tons of code or even produce other mixins. However, that’s not exactly possible….

5 Impeccable Reasons Node.js is Great for Startups

5 Impeccable Reasons Node.js is Great for Startups

by Keval Padia

…any steep learning curve. Most important of all, while using Node.js as the principal framework you have the ease of sharing the same language both on frontend and backend side….

Andrew Hushbeck

by Brian Rinaldi

…not using the appropriate standards or tags. This is one of the many reasons he balances his time between the StackExchange network of sites and hacking away at some of…

Decoupling with Custom jQuery Events

by Simon Smith

…events on this global object, it can become a sort of mediator between other parts of code. Storing a reference to it outside of the event handler callback also means…

Microservices Series #4: Beware the monolith

mm by Modern Web

…it seems to be the most effective way to slow the growth of complexity in monoliths. Older approaches such as explicit modeling using visual diagrams have shown poor results in…