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by Aaron Bushnell

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Ramya Raju

by Brian Rinaldi

Ramya Raju is a a freelance web designer/writer based in India. She has 8 years experience in content writing and has worked for top blogs and websites. She considers herself…

Sam Holt

by Brian Rinaldi

Sam Holt is a Web Developer at Zing Design. Zing Design is a digital design agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. Their work has been featured in the Huffington Post,…

Jasper Palfree

by Jasper Palfree

Jasper is a freelance developer with a background in theoretical physics. He focuses on using web technology to advance science communication efforts and collaborates closely with science communicators including MinutePhysics….

Gavin Lazar Suntop

by Brian Rinaldi

Gavin Lazar Suntop resides in Seattle where he spends a lot of time focused on JavaScript, interaction design and technological art. His involvement with the web began in the 90s…

Burke Holland

by Brian Rinaldi

Burke Holland is a web developer who hangs out in Nashville, TN even though he doesn’t really care for country music. Previously, he was an Adobe Flex developer and is…

Brian Rinaldi

by Brian Rinaldi

…the Developer Relations team creates top notch content for the web development community. Previously, Brian focused on publishing HTML, CSS and JavaScript developer content for the Adobe Developer Connection at…

Beef Up Your Skills with Code Exercise

by Eric Terpstra

…Ruby Koans website is popular, and gives a good overview of the concept. Clones of the project can be found around the web, and a decent JavaScript Koan project is…

Rob Lauer

by Rob Lauer

Rob Lauer is a Product Manager for Telerik and has a passion for hybrid mobile app development and the open web. In his other life he raises two kids, plays…

Rich Harris

by rich_harris

Rich Harris is a journalist turned developer, trying to understand how the news media can use web technologies to create new forms of storytelling. He comes from the North of…