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Writing A MongoDB Shell In NodeJS

by Mike Hostetler

Val Karpov shares a cool project he created at a company Hackathon last month to re-create the MongoDB shell using a pure Node.js environment. By piecing together various modules, he…

Teaching clients to adopt new technologies — even the ones they don’t understand

mm by Table XI

…temperature and humidity since 1923 — hired Table XI back in 2002, the management team was really just looking for help selling their products online. They didn’t immediately come to…

Playing with CSS Regions in Edge Reflow

by Brian Rinaldi

…through any part of your page you choose. To download the simple Reflow project I talked about above, you can find it here. This article was originally published at…

Jasper Palfree

by Jasper Palfree

Jasper is a freelance developer with a background in theoretical physics. He focuses on using web technology to advance science communication efforts and collaborates closely with science communicators including MinutePhysics….

Understanding the SVG viewBox and viewport

by Brian Rinaldi

By Joni Trythall In using the <svg> element, we are establishing a fragment consisting of nested details in our document. This fragment has its own viewport and coordinate system which…

How Putting Ads on Mobile Apps Can Lose Money – A Case Study

by Brian Rinaldi

…be done and which takes advantage of both the uniqueness of the app and understands who the users are, what they need and how they are actually using the app….

Microservices components work

Microservices Series #1: Microservices are software components that work

mm by Modern Web

…haven’t been using them right, or thinking about them right, for a long time. We haven’t become adept at writing reusable components that deliver business logic. Reusability is rarely achieved….