6 reasons WordPress is still the best option for modern websites

Keval Padia breaks down why WordPress is still the premier tool for creating websites.

For an increasing number of businesses, the website serves as the digital identity of the company. A modern, useful and content-rich website allows you to stand out from the competition, gain steady traffic, and increase your customer base. Your website just cannot afford to look outdated and sluggish. It will create the same impression for your business. These days, people judge a business by the experience of using its website. Customers become inpatient if your pages take too much time to load. If images and media contents are not displayed properly over the interface, it is going to leave a negative impression about your business.

WordPress as a content management platform enjoys tremendous popularity largely because of the exceptional ease of use, flexibility, scalability and versatile feature set it provides. But before we get into the various aspects that make WordPress so invincible a choice, let’s have a quick look at the must-have elements of a modern business optimized website.

  • Responsive and mobile friendly: Your website must look great on all device screens.
  • Easy for business conversion: Your customers should experience ease in buying goods or ordering from your site.
  • Capable of delivering unmatched user experience: Offer a pleasant user experience by making it easy to access contents and features while allowing good readability and viewing of visual contents.
  • Clutter-free design: Your website should be stripped of clutter and optimized for easier access by using a lot of white or negative space.
  • Scalable with the business growth: Your website should be adaptive to the growth of your business.
  • Easy social media integration: You should be able to add Meta tags easily so that the web contents get optimized views in social media.
  • Easy to use and handle: The website’s interface should allow for publishing and updating contents as well as managing backend tasks.
  • Clear feedback mechanism: Users should be guided toward offering feedback in a clear, robust way.

As a CMS platform, WordPress provides all these characteristics, and there are six key reasons WordPress website development is an invincible option for any modern website.

1. Exceptional ease of use

WordPress is exceptionally easy to use and offers an intuitive interface that allows quick access to all the features and control elements webmasters need. Any updates, from adding new blog posts and pages, to making custom menus, to updating and customizing images that change the look and feel of the website, are a breeze. The dashboard in WordPress can be maneuvered by anyone, including people with no coding knowledge.

2. No HTML-editing knowledge? That’s OK.

Don’t have any workable knowledge of HTML? Don’t know how to upload a text file into the HTML page of your website? Well, you do not need to know how with WordPress. It allows you to add any post or page just as plain text. You can even write directly into the backend post editor. There is no need for any FTP software either.

3. Best for blogging

WordPress began mainly as a blogging platform, and this is why it is still the best choice for content-rich websites. It is ready with every blogging tool you can imagine and makes it easy to publish blogs, connect them to RSS feeds and email subscriptions comments, and automatically adds recent blog posts or other widgets into pages.

Blogging is a powerful tool for businesses to attract website traffic to their website. To get search ranks and offer a reader-friendly blogging interface, there is no better CMS than WordPress. From integrating social media buttons to your posts to customizing images and visual elements to utilizing SEO plugins to make the SEO elements perfect at the time of uploading the blog, you can do all of this easily.

4. Updated automatically

WordPress is continuously updated to fix security glitches and bugs. While other CMS platforms require you to check for updates manually, WordPress does this on its own. The latest updates appear in the dashboard, and all you need to do is run the update and relax.

5. Loved by search engines

Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress sites has a better chance to rank higher on search engines. This is mainly because the code in WordPress is clean and simple, which allows search engine crawlers to find and index the contents of WordPress sites easily. Moreover, there is an array of great SEO plugins that guide you in adding SEO attributes and help you perfect the ones you already have.

6. Versatile, flexible and customizable

The most important thing about WordPress is that it is versatile in features and usability, flexible for diverse content and design elements, and thoroughly customizable in look, feel and design attributes. You can manage a WordPress website from any device since it offers a browser-based interface. Just login, and you can manage the backend tasks of your site. WordPress allows for updating contents from time to time without any difficulty with design elements. For a small business, it offers freedom from the dependence on web designers.

On top of that, you can design your website with custom elements to give it a unique look and feel. There are thousands of themes available for designing your website quickly and a vast majority of them are customizable.

WordPress is versatile enough to add new features. There are thousands of plugins to add web-centric features and design elements for your preferred user experience. Most of the plugins are free to use, and if you run into any problems using them, you have robust WordPress community support from users and experts, covering every topic.


From the business point of view, WordPress is nearly invincible because it is highly scalable and can accommodate adding more features, contents and design attributes with the growth of your business, while always maintaining the optimum performance and speed of the website.


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