Tips On Creating Minimalistic UI Designs For Mobile Apps

Minimalism is the perfect mix of function and form. When it comes to incorporating minimalism in a UI design, it should be consistent, concise and clear. Your goal should be creating a minimalist mobile application that promotes usability and simpler navigation. To achieve that purpose take a look at the following tips:

Divide by Elements and Spacing, Not Lines

Dividers and lines are often used to delineate specific categories and sections within a screen. But, if you add too many of them, it can result in crowded interfaces.

Fewer dividers and lines will give your interface a functional, modern and cleaner feel. The other ways to separate content are utilizing colors, spacing, and blocks. Google’s calendar app is an example of how using shadows and leveraging space instead of lines help in defining different sections.

Simple Color Scheme

A simple color scheme can always enhance the user experience. Having too many colors can create a negative impact as well. You can make creating new color schemes easier by taking a look at the predefined color scheme standards.

  • Monochromatic scheme

This type of color schemes comprises of different tints, shades, and tones within a particular hue. By altering the brightness and saturation of a hue, you can generate many colors and schemes that are not overwhelming for the eye.

  • Analogous schemes

This type of color schemes is created by using three colors that are positioned next to each other on the color wheel. Similar colors are usually used to prioritize the tasks and to highlight the critical ones. The items of most importance will be of the boldest color and things of least importance will be in the lightest color.

One App, One Typeface

When you are choosing a font for your application, keep in mind that it is always safe to rely on the default typeface of the platform

Examples- Apple uses only San Francisco family of typefaces to provide the readers with an experience that is consistent across all of its platforms. Noto and Roboto are the standard fonts on Google Chrome and Android.

Blur Effects

Blur effect is a perfect solution to create a minimalistic UI. It is because blur effects allow you to work quickly with layers and hierarchy of the UI. It is efficient for working with layered UI and also demonstrates the mobile solution’s flow to the user. It also paves the opportunity for users to explore different overlay solutions and menu.

Data Spotlight

Always use a striking color and big font size if you to make a particular data the center of your user’s focus. Using neutral colors for a general scheme can draw the user’s attention. You can use contrasting colors for calls to action. This will help in channeling the users focus on the action which you want them to take.

If you want to draw the user’s attention to a particular area of the screen without additional visual hints, then increase the font size and use accent color. This makes the information-gaining process easy for the user.

Icons: Stroke and Fill

What is iconography? It can be considered as a visual language that can represent content or functionality. Icons should be recognized and understood easily by the user, and as a result, it should be simple. Since iOS7, a lot of minimalist UI has filled and stroke icons.

When it comes to bar icons, it serves as a form of navigation to go to another section of the application. To indicate which part of the application is active, you need to highlight it in one way or the other. This makes recognition of tabs which are active very easy.

General Tips

  • If you are confused about which features should be incorporated and which features should be let go, and then involve real users while evaluating the mobile application’s UI design. You will get different opinions and ideas that might improve your design.
  • To create a brilliant application user interface, you need to stick to the guidelines of the operating systems. Before submitting your mobile app to the app stores, research about the guidelines and how apps are featuring on these app stores successfully.
  • To keep your targeted user interested and to make your applications fully engaging, iterate the interface design options.
  • 508-compliance and security issues should be taken into account while creating UI designs for mobile applications.

Minimalistic UI designs can be created only by utilizing your creative side and technology. But, do you know that technology and creativity go hand in hand? Take a look at the infographic below to know more.

Infographic showing the 10 ways technology can improve your creativity

Minimalist interfaces and other different design techniques are the right paths to achieve a great layout. But, always remember that creating a minimalist interface should not be your only goal. Clear visuals, smooth user flow, and a great design is the perfect combination to create a seamless experience for the user.


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