Top 15 Inspiration Mobile App UI Designs in 2016

With users being hooked to their mobile phones for all their professional and personal needs, the mobile app market is literally flooded with a wide range of apps. However, when it comes to the success of an app, it depends a lot on the ease of its use. Users usually prefer an app with an amazing user interface.

Over the years a lot of mobile app UI designs have been launched and much loved by the global audience. The year 2016 has also seen some of these designs. Here is a list of the best mobile app UI designs of the year.

1. Peach


Endowed with a minimal design, the user interface offered by this mobile app is worth looking forward to. With options to share emojis, videos and other media elements, it is a surefire fun app. The peach background with a wide range of cool looking icons, enhance the usability of the app.

2. Workout Book

Workout Book

Workout book app displays all your workout info on the home screen thus saving a lot of your time. Designing your personal workout regime and saving them is very simple and quick. Distinguishing between various regimens is made easy with different color schemes for each workout which you can choose.

3. Everlist


Organizing your tasks and keeping a tab on them is made easy with this amazing task manager mobile app. With a grid layout in place, gauging your tasks and arranging them in a systematic way is easy. Also with a floating add button, including more tasks to your list is easy.

4. Movesum


Losing weight was never as fun as it would be with the Movesum mobile app. Thanks to the simple yet stunning user interface, keeping an eye on the number of calories you burn each day is easy, thus urging you to try harder to lose weight.

5. Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues



A Perfect app for sports fans, this allows you to design your own virtual team with your favorite players and compete with other users who share a similar passion. With an easy to understand interface, designing teams and keeping an eye on the status of the games and players is quite convenient. You can easily change or remove players from your team with some cool swipes.

6. Human



Human is a mobile app which helps you to design realistic health goals and encourages you to get to these. The app keeps a track of all your activities. It also offers motivation by comparing your activity stats with other users in your city. The UI of the app is what makes it amazing.

7. Change



This is an amazing mobile app which works towards the betterment of the society. With an easy to understand interface, this app gives you a clear idea of a person’s location and distance who might be in need of help. It alerts you of this by interactive popup windows which you can choose to view or can cancel. It also keeps track of the number of people you have helped. It helps you to maintain a virtual wallet, the money from which can be donated to various charitable causes.

8. Blown Away

Blown Away

This mobile app is an interesting and fun game that is available for Android and iOS users. With easy to understand rules and convenient gaming options, this app requires the user to collect all the things that have been blown away by a wind and fine the reason for the wind and stop it. This game has close to 120 levels that span over four different worlds.

9. Lift



Getting organized and meeting daily goals becomes easier with this mobile app that has an amazing UI. Creating a list of daily goals is quite easy with this app. It keeps you updated about your goals by indicating where you stand as far as your goal completion matters.

10. Swing


A perfect choice for music lovers, this is a no-nonsense app that has a simple to understand UI thanks to the uncluttered layout. With only four major sections included in the app, searching for the music is easy and quick. The app also offers latest updates and news of the music world.

11. Unibox


Sorting emails and organizing them is made easy with the Unibox app which has a layout that is similar to the message apps, giving it a totally uncomplicated look. Arranging the emails from different clients into different folders seems a breeze with this app.

12. Habitica


Developing good habits and maintaining them will become fun with this mobile app. This is a gaming app with a stunning UI where the characters are virtually connected to you via the app that tracks your activities. You start by setting some targets for you and as you move forth with the habit forming process, your character in the game improves too.

13. Tribe



The Tribe app is a virtual chatting app that gives you a break from the never ending typing and works voice messages and video chats. The beautiful interface and amazing features like colored grids for contact lists, quick recording and sending of voice messages etc have made this app an instant hit.

14. Proud



If you are one of those people who aim at being productive every day, Proud is an app that will help you to achieve your goals. Endowed with a powerful UI, keeping track of your daily goals and taking intermittent breaks is all possible with this app.

15. Marline


A This is a fantastic weather app with great UI support, this app offers great animation features and cool color palettes. Thus, keeping an eye on the weather and all things related to it becomes more fun with Marline.

These are some of the best mobile app UI designs that have wowed the world in 2016. Here’s hoping that more such apps would be launched before the year comes to a close.


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