Web Standards Library Update – Week of May 19, 2014

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There were a lot of new libraries this week including the App.js UI library for mobile (which shares a name with an older library to build desktop apps with Node, but is unrelated). Also significant is a new version of Google’s Polymer library.

Polymer 0.3.0 has new core icons, dependency ranges for all elements in Bower configs and some deprecated elements.

dijs is a dependency injection module for Node.js and browsers inspired by AngularJS.

MusicMetaData is a JavaScript library that reads the metadata for music files in a number of formats.

Webpack is a module bundler that will emit static assets for a CommonJS module and its dependencies.
webpack module bundler

Ramda is a new functional library for JavaScript and Michael Hurley explains what makes it different.
Introducing Ramda

App.js is a JavaScript UI library for creating mobile web apps for iOS and Android.

Numeral.js is a library for formatting and manipulating numbers in JavaScript.

David Nance discusses NoFlo, a JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming (FBP).
Flow Based Programming With NoFlo

Pathgl is a library for data visualization that sits between D3 and the DOM and draws to WebGL instead of SVG.

Fluxxor is a library for React that provides an application architecture based around a dispatcher, stores, and views.
Fluxxor for React

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