Web Standards Library Update – Week of May 5, 2014

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This week’s new and updated projects are heavily CSS focused, including Pleeease, CSS Shapes Polyfill, AniJS and DoCSSa. Enjoy!

Pleeease is a CSS postprocessor that adds prefixes, variables, pseudo-element and rem unit support, minifies and more.
Pleeease · Postprocess CSS with ease

The CSS Shapes Polyfill tests for browser support and, if not, it approximates the behavior with a series of floats.
CSS Shapes Polyfill

The CanJS framework version 2.1 includes Stache, a Mustache & Handlerbars compatible, live-binding, templating engine.
CanJS 2.1 Release Notes

AniJS is a declarative library for CSS animations that breaks API calls into “if, on, do, to.”
Declarative Animations with AniJS

Quill is an open-source rich text editor with an API, extensible architecture and semantic markup.
Quill – An Open Source Rich Text Editor with an API

DoCSSa is a Sass-based CSS architecture and methodology intended for large, long-lived sites.
DoCSSa – Sass based CSS architecture and methodology

ncc gives Node.js access to a full-blown HTML5 Canvas-Element and its 2d-Context.

Nutty is a service built with Meteor that lets you share ssh sessions via the browser.

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