Web Standards Library Update – Week of April 28, 2014



This week’s significant update is that GitHub has open sourced its editor Atom. Between Brackets, Atom and (as featured below) Hyro, we’re getting a lot of choices for free, lightweight open-source code editors.

GitHub has open sourced their Atom code editor and the related Atom shell that it runs in under the MIT license.
A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

Hyro is another open source web technologies editor that, like Brackets, uses CodeMirror.

private-bower lets you set up a private Bower registry for private package handling.

Cammy is an orthogonal projection camera built on top of AngularJS and D3.js.

Stampit is a JavaScript library for creating objects from reusable, composable behaviors; version 0.7.0 was released.
Stampit 1.0 Release Candidate

Vorbis.js can be used in the browser to convert PCM audio data to compressed Ogg Vorbis audio.

StyleStats will parse a stylesheet and give useful information about it.

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