Web Standards Library Update – Week of April 7, 2014



Several recent announcements and big releases this week including Kendo UI Core – a new, free open source version of Kendo UI and Kendo UI Mobile, Ember 1.5.0, Enyo 2.4 and more.

Telerik open-sourced under Apache 2 the core of their Kendo UI framework including most of the widgets and all of Kendo UI Mobile.
Announcing Kendo UI Core

Ember 1.5 includes new testing helpers, eager updating URLs and a ton of other changes.
Ember 1.5.0 and 1.6 Beta Released

CutJS is a 2D game graphics library for desktop and mobile with a jQuery-inspired API.
Game Graphics with CutJS

Rob Eisenberg announces that Angular and Durandal are converging into Angular 2.0.
Angular and Durandal Converge

shine.js is a library for creating pretty, customizable shadows with dynamic light positions and more.

The Brackets 0.38 release includes support for multiple cursors and selections.
Brackets 0.38 Release (Multiple cursors)

Enyo 2.4 includes Moonstone, Enyo’s UI library for TV apps, and Spotlight, a library for managing focus states.
Enyo 2.4 General Availability

VLEX is a library to define how SVG elements respond to resize events.

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