Web Standards Library Update – Week of February 10, 2014

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This week features nine brand new libraries and projects including a command line tool for generating screenshots in a variety of resolutions and a tool to convert Scala code to JavaScript.

Ben Smith wrote a library to implement the pipes and filters pattern in JavaScript for better async handling in Node.
Pipes and Filters to cure Node.js async woes

Burke Holland released a new Kendo UI Yeoman Generator to speed up getting started with a new Kendo UI project.
Kendo UI Yeoman Generator v1 Is Fresh Out The Kitchen

Grid is a really nicely put together introduction to responsive design and fluid grids by Adam Kaplan.

Dug.js aims to be a simple way to pull in and display content from feeds that use JSONP.
Dug.js — A JSONP to HTML Script

Pageres is a command line tool built in Node that will get multiple screenshots of a site in different resolutions.

Scala.js compiles Scala code to JavaScript.

Multithread is a wrapper designed to make it easier to deal with Web Workers and transferrable objects.

Liftoff was built to manage some of the complexity of building command line tools in Node.
Building Command Line Tools in Node with Liftoff

Bindable.js is a flexible, two-way data binding library.

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