Web Standards Library Update – Week of February 24, 2014



This week features multiple task runners/build tools (Bud and Broccoli) and multiple Web Audio libraries (webaudiox.js and jsfx).

Capo is a project and Sublime plugin that helps keep track of event triggers/subscriptions in JavaScript projects.
Javascript Event-Driven Architecture-Doing it better with Capo Module

Nodyn enables the use of Java libraries within Node, but, according to Alex Young, getting it running isn’t easy.
Nodyn: No Dice

Bud is a Node-based task runner that encourages the use of existing command-line tools over writing plugins.
Introducing Bud

Broccoli is a new Node-based build tool currently in beta and designed for fast rebuilds and chainable plugins.
Broccoli: First Beta Release

Sticker.js is a Javascript library with no dependencies that allows you to create a sticker effect.

Caddis allows you to quickly launch a local server and dynamically add routes to test REST APIs.
Caddis: The On-The-Fly JSON RESTful Server

webaudiox.js is a JavaScript library containing a bunch of helpers for using the Web Audio API.

jsfx is a JavaScript sound effect generator using the Web Audio API and useful for game development.


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