Web Standards Library Update – Week of February 3, 2014

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This week features a new release of the popular Pixi.js 2D game development framework and a new release of the Brackets code editor with some important improvements.

The Brackets Sprint 36 build includes improved file watchers and file caching and new project preferences customization options.
Brackets Sprint 36 Build

Creditly.js includes the HTML, CSS and JavaScript you need to create a nice, intuitive credit card form.

restyle.js offers a way to define, add and remove CSS rules simply via JavaScript, similar in many ways to Absurd.js.
Web Reflection: restyle.js – a simplified CSS approach

Skrap is a command line utility and Node.js module designed for scraping web pages by providing JSON recipes.

The latest version of the Pixi HTML5 game framework is faster, has a new cacheAsBitmap option and improves on documentation.
Pixi.js 1.5 – that’s like halfway to 2!

Demi.js is an API framework for Node.js and includes a Yeoman generator.

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