Web Standards Library Update – Week of January 13, 2014

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Another busy week of library releases. Some highlights include an official port of Bootstrap to Sass, a new version of EaselJS with contributions from Mozilla and Conductance, a new web app server built on Node – but with integrated framework features. Enjoy!

nodemon monitors in a Node.js application and can automatically restart the server, and Remy Sharp details what is in version 1.0.
nodemon 1.0

Bootstrap-sass is an official port of Bootstrap to Sass rather than LESS.

Conductance is a web application server built on NodeJS with integrated features for aynchronous code, UI and more.
Conductance, from Oni Labs

EaselJS has a WebGL renderer in early beta, built with Mozilla, that’s significantly faster than the Canvas renderer.
WebGL Support in EaselJS

WebKit.js is happening for real via Emscripten. Not clear the point beyond experimentation but interesting.
WebKit.js: It’s happening for real, with Emscripten’s help

grunt-dependency-resolver handles automatic dependency resolution for your JavaScript/Grunt projects.

Image Cutter is a JavaScript plug-in for creating user-interfaces for cropping images.
Image Cutter

Contra is a JavaScript library by Nicolas Bevacqua for asynchronous flow control, inspired by async but tailored to the browser.

Gizmo is an extensible platform for reusable front-end components like jQuery UI’s widget factory but without jQuery.

Paths.js has a chainable API for generating SVG paths that can be used with popular templating libraries.

Jack In The Box is a JavaScript library designed to trigger CSS animations as you scroll down the page.
Jack In The Box

Node – JavaScript Interpreter for iOS 7 is a tool for learning or just messing around with Node.js on your iPad.
(Note: based on reports, your mileage may vary)
A Node Interpreter for iOS

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