Web Standards Library Update – Week of March 10, 2014

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The major release this week was obviously ExpressJS 4.0. Crosswalk also seems potentially interesting as a hybrid development platform, though it currently is for Android only. Enjoy!

ExpressJS 4.0 was recently released and removes all bundled middleware, overhauled routing and more.
ExpressJS 4.0: New Features and Upgrading from 3.0

Crosswalk is a project by Intel that allows you to package your application for Android and take advantage of full browser API’s as well as native integration.

Slate is a native IRC client built with Node.js and node-webkit.

Express-di adds dependency injection into Express.

Multiline allows you to easily create multiline strings in JavaScript without using concatenation.

Interfake is a tool for creating dummy HTTP APIs to develop against.
Interfake: Quick JSON APIs

PicturePolyfill is a polyfill allowing you to use the picture HTML element.

The Brackets Sprint 37 build includes the ability to exclude files from search, signed builds on Mac and Windows and improved file watcher and live development.
Brackets Sprint 37 Build


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