Web Standards Library Update – Week of March 17, 2014

by Brian Rinaldi on March 26, 2014

The modern web is always changing, and this article is more than two years old.

Some interesting new projects this week including a web component for GIF playback and a new tool for project scaffolding with Gulp (essentially what Yeoman is to Grunt this is to Gulp).

Obelisk.js is a JavaScript Engine for building isometric pixel objects like bricks, cubes or pyramids.

Lithium Labs Visualization is a set of D3 components such as sentiment wave, reticule and elegant waves.

jspm.io is a browser package manager that loads any module format including ES6, AMD and CommonJS.
jspm.io – Frictionless Browser Package Management

<x-gif> is a web component for GIF playback that can speed up/slow down, play in reverse, synch with audio and more.

Slush is a tool to be able to use Gulp for project scaffolding.

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