Web Standards Library Update – Week of March 3, 2014

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The big news recently was the release of Sass 3.3. Sorry for the delay in getting this out but I am speaking and attending the Fluent Conference this week. If you are here, please say hello.

Sass 3.3 includes maps in SassScript, support for generating source maps and much more.
Sass 3.3 is Released

Francois Remy rewrote the CSS Regions polyfill from scratch to make it much improved.
CSS Regions polyfill –  better, smarter, fuller

bloggy is a lightweight and extensible blog engine for NodeJS.

BladeRunnerJS is a toolkit/framework with supporting tools and micro-libraries for building complex JavaScript apps.
BladeRunnerJS – Divide & conquer complex web apps

RowGrid.js is a jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows.

Cha is a Node library designed for chaining tasks together.

Metalsmith is a pluggable static site generator where all the logic is handled by plugins.

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