Web Standards Library Update – Week of May 12, 2014



Some interesting services in this week’s update including Finch for testing sites and Fenix for ad-hoc web servers. There was also a new version of MooTools, which, I must admit, I didn’t even realize was still around – but apparently it is not only still around, but still actively being developed.

Finch is a service for testing sites on multiple connected devices that is free during a limited beta period.
View your local websites on any internet connected device

The Brackets 0.39 release includes CSS fuzzy code hints, custom language and syntax highlighting and more.
Brackets 0.39 Release

MooTools 1.5 has a significant number of bug fixes and improvements.
MooTools – MooTools 1.5 is here!

Jest is a new JavaScript testing framework built on top of Jasmine that automatically mocks CommonJS modules returned by require().

Trash is a cross-platform command-line app for moving files and directories to the trash built on Node.js.

The Conditioner.js library for loading and unloading behavior based on environment conditions hit 1.0.

Fenix is an application for Mac and Windows that allows you to quickly create simple, ad-hoc static desktop web servers.
Fenix Web Server

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    Thank you for the update! It looks like MooTools now cckhes the locale when deciding how to display dates from the data class. This means that all of my albums are now being displayed with DD-MM-YYYY when they used to be MM-DD-YYYY. Not a big deal really, but I’m attempting to change it back as an exercise, and finding it quite frustrating! My understanding is that I have to specify a locale for MooTools somewhere on the website, or use the Locale.use( en-US’) command inside one of the Javascript files, but I’m not having much luck when I try to add it. Could you perhaps give me a pointer on how to do this? Thanks for your time!


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