Where to Hire the World’s Best Developers

Turing is the business world’s preferred resource for hiring remote developers. This premier hiring platform offers a robust network of innovative companies and the industry’s top professionals, matching the right talent to a suitable business with a few simple clicks.

Turing – A Modern Solution for the Twenty-first Century Business

Painstakingly searching to hire developers is difficult, but it’s a lot easier when every step is taken care of with help from Turing.

Global Sourcing

Turing allows companies to take their recruitment processes to the next level using its far-reaching talent network. This platform proudly works with over two million top developers from 150 countries.

Comprehensive Vetting

Every developer on Turing is guaranteed to have undergone an intensive vetting process. Not only does this freelance website require all applicants to have over three years of experience and fluency in English, but every developer must pass multiple testing and interviews.

Extensive Matching

No two jobs are the same – that’s why Turing considers every possible factor when choosing a developer to match to the right project. From role-specific experience to tech stack and seniority level, Turing ensures that the candidates the hiring company ends up with are what’s needed and of high quality.

HR and Payments Compliance

When companies choose to work with Turing, they can rest easy knowing that the developers Turing offers always comply with local HR regulations. Turing handles all required paperwork and payments, so business owners can focus on what they do best.

Automated On-The-Job Quality Control

In today’s business world, time is of the essence. With Turing’s automated quality control system, employers can be confident that all work is delivered on time and up to standard. 

24/7 Support

Need help outside of business hours? No problem – Turing’s support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Plenty of Talent on Tap: Here’s what you’ll find

Turing’s network of talent is second to none. With over two million top developers from around the globe just waiting to match with a new project.


Professionals experienced in IaC, DevSecOps, CI/CD, and more.


Leading Interaction Design (IxD), Information Architecture (IA), and User Research (UR) talent.


Skilled in research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing to ensure the best possible experience for all end-users.


Expertise in Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, and SQL web developers.

Mobile Apps

Skilled in iOS, Android, React Native, and other popular frameworks.


JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, and HTML/CSS specialists.

Software Quality Assurance

Top data engineers, Azure experts, Jira masters, and big-data professionals.

Custom database development

Data engineers with advanced AWS, MongoDB, Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, and Git skills.

Getting Started With Turing Developers Is As Easy As 1-2-3

1 – Tell Us About Your Project

Get started by telling us what skills are necessary for that next project. Turing has a network with over 100 skill types, ranging from web development and design to mobile app development. Before starting, To ensure companies match with the right developer, Turing asks employers to share company information about their project needs and goals.

2 – Schedule a Call

Book a call with Turing’s success team to discuss all project needs and preferences further. Here employers can ask questions about Turing’s recruitment process and how the platform works. 

3 – Get Matched

After the call, Turing will send all resumes of the best-matched candidates for that upcoming project. Hiring managers can review these profiles, portfolios, and test results to decide which to interview. It takes an average of five days to fill most roles, with some completed in 24 hours.


Most alumni earn a salary of about $89,000USD in their first job after Turing. Each of Turing’s seven-month programs are $25,000, which includes a new laptop. But you can see how this pales in comparison to the high level salaries you’ll be earning. At the time of enrollment, each student is required to pay a $1,200 deposit which holds their spot in the cohort. Tuitions must be paid in full 30 days prior to your Mod 1 start date.

Who Can Use Turing?

Turing is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes in all industries. As a leading freelance developer platform, Turing’s helped small startups and Fortune 500 companies find the perfect developers for that next project.


For all startups, time is of the essence. Moving quickly and getting the latest product to market is critical without sacrificing quality. Turing can help businesses find the right developers to build a high-quality product in a short time frame.

Enterprise Companies

Turing is the perfect solution for enterprise companies that need to scale their development teams quickly and efficiently. With an extensive network of top talent, Turing can help find the right developers for projects of all sizes. 

Recruitment Agencies

Turing’s platform can help recruitment agencies save time and money by automating the job posting, sourcing, screening, and matching process. With an innovative recruitment process, Turing can easily find the best candidates for the right job.

What Problems Can Turing Solve for You?

Turing’s here to help companies with all their software development needs, from finding top-quality developers or scaling teams rapidly and efficiently.  


A 97% engagement success rate means businesses will likely find the right developer for their latest project.

Talent Rematching

Turing’s platform is so effective that most clients have a 99% rematch rate. In other words, they’re so happy with their first experience that they come back and use Turing again and again.

Time Loss

Turing’s platform automates the job posting, sourcing, screening, and matching process, saving companies time for more urgent tasks.

The Turing Advantage

There’s no need to take our word for it – see what real clients have to say about Turing.

“This is 100% my dream job and industry. It combines my passion for tech with my passion for music and artists. There are a handful of Turing alumni that work at my company so they know the skills I’m coming in with and I’m able to learn new languages and technologies. It’s huge, and I couldn’t be happier.”

~ISABELLE VILLASENOR, Turing Alum and Software Developer

“Turing works to disrupt the status quo, training great people to become great developers. Together, our community of students, alumni, instructors and staff are redefining the landscape of the tech industry, and I hope you can join us.”

~JEFF CASIMIR, Executive Director and Founder of Turing School

Choose Turing for the Right Fit – Every Time

Turing is the world’s leading talent marketplace for businesses and developers. As a platform that believes every business deserves access to the best talent, regardless of location or budget, Turing is here to help.

Turing streamlines the hiring process, from finding to hiring the right developers; businesses can access talent directly without using recruiters. Schedule a call today with Turing’s success team to learn more!


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